Our company makes handmade soap and other skin products from natural vegetable oils.

Our Soap products include:

  • Large Bars
  • Small Bars (<3 oz)Soap Display -long
  • Round Soaps
  • Shaped or Moulded Soaps:
    • Robots
    • Celtic Oval Bar
    • Celtic Rectangle
    • Floral Round Bar

Custom Ordered Products:

Our Foot Bliss, made with shea butter and essential oils, leaves your feet feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. Treat your feet to some intense moisturizing with this luxurious cream.

We make scented bath bombs and bath salts for luxurious baths.  These hand made wonders contain natural ingredients that condition your skin and help soften the water.

bathBombs600x650                  IMG_6466-salts & bombs

Our lip balms are only sold at certain times of the year, or by special request, but are made with local beeswax, cocoa butter, and scented with essential oils such as orange or peppermint/spearmint.